Advantages of have a website
Advantages of have a website
Ventajas de tener un sitio web

Today, many people still wonder if they need a website and what benefits provide to their business. In this article, we mention the essential advantages of making a website, and in the end, you discover if you need a website for yourself.

Online Presence

In the Digital Age, we are living. A physical store is not enough to reach more clients and gain the confidence of them. Most people search on the internet looking for feedback and information about your business. Having this online presence is fundamental to give credibility to your brand.

A website with an attractive design could differentiate you from the competitors and can create assurance and trust to potentials customers about your work.

Free of borders

A physical store limits the number of customers that visit the place where you are. With a website, you broke these borders and can reach more clients around the world.

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If you can send your product or sell your service using the internet, you enhance the possibilities because you could reach every corner of the world without limits.

Increase your Sales

Following the lines above, the power to reach more customers is equal to enhance your incomes, nothing more to say.

Keep informed and stay close to your clients.

It is always easier to sell a product or service to a previous client instead of making a new one.

Starting with the last sentence is fundamental to strengthening the communication channel with your customers, and doesn't exist a better form to do this than having a website. You can use your web to communicate the news of your products, services, offers, discounts, promotions and motivate your clients to buy the new stuff you have to offer to them.

It's important to mention that having a blog on your website is a way to maintain informed or teach the customers about themes of interest. Further, the blog generates traffic to your site.


When you dispose of a list of your products in digital, it becomes more effortless to make changes, add or delete elements without costs, and when you finish the changes, your clients could see it too in real-time.

Online presence 24/7


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With your website, you have a widely open window to show your products and services 24 hours a day the 365 days of the year.

No matter the physical location of the customers, they can always check your website and get in contact with you by email (or the communication channel that you prefer) at every moment of the day.

Publicity higher reach at minimum cost

The times where publicity was by radio or tv and only the big enterprises can use these services are things from the past. 

Nowadays the most effective form to make publicity is on the internet.

Thanks to the technology tools, now you can segment your ads to a specific group of people; with this, your products or services only reach the people with the profile you want. 

Comparing the cost of publicity by the olds channels (tv, radio) with the prices on the internet is a big difference. Advertising on the internet is cheaper and allows small entrepreneurs to make this possible, and it's not a service only for the enterprise world. With all of this information, the range of opportunities to expand the business that brings you having a website is huge. Considering the covid situation, if you don't have a website, right now is the best moment to make a new one for your business. 

Contact us if you want a new website.

Writed by: Rey Molina

I am technical at informatic with more than 7 years of experience in the field. I work as a computer science and graphic design teacher for more than 2 years, and since my childhood, I was a passionate person around the tech world and design. For that reason, I founded Inursites with my partner.

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Fecha de publicación: 19 November, 2020

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