Freelancer Community
Freelancer Community
Comunidad Freelancer

We know You are a freelancer and looking to expanse your business. We are here for You. Let's navigate together. Building Community.  

Independently at which point You are right now as long as there is the spirit to work together, from a wide range of situations: starting point, established, or growth stage. You are welcome here together with our team. We can be one decentralized unit working together while keeping independence and bringing synergies. 

- What is this gibberish? Say it crystal clear. 




Adaptable Freelancer Collabs


Paths of two ways.


Your gains


Our areas


What do We have in our toolbox?


Let's travel


Comunidad Freelancer & Notas

Here We go! Let's say it in three words. 

"Adaptable Freelancers Collabs" 

In the size and portion, You need or want, It is a travel of build trust between us or maybe a transactional professional relationship. 

Paths of two ways. 

Possible cases:

  • You could write an article with us and publish it as part of your portfolio. Writing with us. 
  • We could work together on an article and bring new ideas to improve the final result. Be early, and let's build a community around: "Feedback for written text around the topics: Websites, Ecommerce, Blogs, Email campaigns". Premium Community inside NotionSo; It is a neutral space well-known platform with multiplayer capabilities for an easy stream of writing, feedback, and work together. Building community. 
  • You can hire us for services your clients want, but You don't provide to them. So we do our part, and Your clients stay happy while You keep them on your side. Keeping clients happy.  
  • Likewise, We can bring clients to You for those services; We don't provide to them. It is the same workflow as the statement above. Delivering results. 

Your gains 

  1. Expanse your portfolio. 
  2. Build with us. 
  3. Provide new services to your clients. 
  4. Provide new services to our clients. 
  5. Work together with professionals from different areas and get new knowledge and experience.
  6. Work with people in the same vibe You are moving in.


Our areas: 

  • Web design. 
  • SEO. 
  • Copywriting. 
  • Email Marketing. 


What do We have in our toolbox? 


  • Experience: We have been working hard and smart for a long time, as employees for a wide range and size of companies.
  • Knowledge and solutions: We know it already, or We find and implement the solution while keeping the budget in order.
  • Resources and infrastructure: We know both parts design and development get us closer to our objective.
  • Working together: We can get done even more remarkable achievements.
  • Fluid and easy communication: these characteristics are vital working with other professionals and clients.
  • Keeping budget in order: Did I say it already? Well, this is a crucial point. Therefore, it is always proper to repeat it.


We share knowledge to build communities and positively impact You: freelancer, client, or reader. 


Our motto is to keep clients happy while delivering the results they are looking for to maintain a healthy business. 


Let's travel 

 Do the first contact, through email, whatsapp, social networks, or even messenger pigeon, if It is trained even better, whatever gets the job done.


Freelancer Community


You might notice an old article in our blog with a similar title, We keep our history as a reminder of the path already done and the evolution through time, as We explore this jungle and fluid as water, We adapt to the moment to reflect our mindset to break strings and old thoughts, bringing new ways to listen and talk with You. This article is the continuous reflection across months and experiences, and It finally takes form to get the message out there. 


We know this is not a bottle in the ocean. 

This article is a dance, while We experiment with new movements and keep the rhythm. 

Do you feel it?

Something hitting that heart which make You move as well.

Yeah, that's right. It starts slow, and the next You know is that both your body and mind are moving in the same direction with us. 

Are You Still reading?

Less reading and more email, talk, or video call. 

Let's navigate together.

See You Soon.

Escrito por: Oliver Moreno

Fundador. Vehículo Adaptativo Todoterreno de Combate. Explorando esta jungla infinita fluyo como un torrente de agua a la velocidad que requiera el momento, en mi camino voy disfrutando del paisaje asi como del arte, el diseño y el codigo. Con la entrega de resultados como via fundamos INURSITES.

Fecha de publicación: 15 October, 2021

Now You know us

Now You know us


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