How to tune up your homepage
How to tune up your homepage
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If you have a website with several pages, you should know that in all of these exists one that is the most important by far, the pampered of the website that you constantly update. This page is, in effect, The main page, home, or homepage.

On this page, rest on its shoulders the website's domain name, for example, "" Thus, most of the traffic percentage is pointed, and It is the page that most of the users visit for the first time. This page will be the first impression in many cases of what's people see about your business and brand.

Imagine that it's a presentation letter or CV where you need to put several elements strategically ordered:

  1. Tell the visitor what You do and who You are.
  2. Highlight all your potential.
  3. Build trust in the visitor.

Following the example above, if the people in front of the screen watching our website are employers and want them to hire us, we need to catch their attention in the first seconds of the visit. If we don't respond to their answers initially, we lost them, and they search another website instead.

For that reason, to reach success on your website is principally put in order all the information you want to show on your homepage. Today I want to tell you how to tune up your homepage, following in chronological order the next steps. To catch the visitor's attention, invite them to stay at your website, meet you, and gain their confidence.


Start introducing yourself

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The headline is the most crucial part of all your website. Any doubt about it. This first part must tell your audience straightforward what you do and who you are on mobile or desktop.

Esto en pocas líneas, sin ambigüedades, ni nada que se pueda malinterpretar, mientras más claro y conciso mejor. Este mensaje debe ser la introducción que le diga a tu audiencia que es lo que vendes o haces y que esto los invite a querer saber más de ti, haciendo scroll hacia abajo para ver todo el contenido.

The secret is about being persuasive, avoiding messages like "buy now" or actions so straight that they could reject. Remember, before they want to buy something, they need to know you and gain your confidence. Prioritize the correct form to introduce yourself instead of start selling.

On the other hand, in this section, we found an essential element, the main menu; this is the only case where I don't recommend being creative with the words you use.

This part, for any reason, could be misunderstood. Avoid rare names or synonyms. If you can call one part of the menu using just one word, don't use more than that.


Highlight the strongest points

Once the user knows how you are and your business is the perfect moment to take out the artillery and show your value. Highlight your most powerful points, the kind of things that make you different, and the reasons why they should believe in you.

In this section, show the most important information about your business. An excellent strategy to make this is to order all in columns.

Using this technique at the first view, they are going to see your value.


Show what you want to sell

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Now is the perfect moment to highlight those products or services that you're proud of. It's time to sell.

Invita a tus visitantes a que se suscriban a tu newsletter para que si no te compran hoy, en el futuro lo hagan a traves de una campaña de email marketing.

This part of your homepage shows the product explaining and highlighting the best in few lines. You can display several products in this section but always making the focus on the most important.

Here you can use CTA like "discover more," "I'm interested." Later in those new pages show all the details of the products, the next step is to invite them to buy it.

Always check the statistics. These are those that have the last word. So, if like of goddess we are talking, the statistics above all.


Reinforce your strengths

In this part of your homepage, we reinforce our value proposal. We can write more about us or tell our history.

Si tu sitio es una One page puedes extenderte más todavía, pero de otro modo puedes reforzar los puntos fuertes y conectar esta sección con un CTA hacia enlaces interno como nosotros, portfolio o páginas dentro del sitio que hablen más sobre tu trabajo y el cómo lo haces.


Gain the confidence

An essential element that generates confidence in the visitors is the reviews, comments, and feedback from clients who trust in your work.

In this part of the homepage, highlight the best comments your clients have about you. You can order this section in columns or rows, and if you want to add a long list of comments, it is an excellent resource to show it in a slider.

All the comments need to be signed to create confidence. If it is an organization, add the job in the comment enhances the value of this.

You can close this section with CTA like contact us. At this point, it's a good strategy trying to generate the approach between You and your potential customer.


Work in your Newsletter

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Like I mentioned before in other articles, email marketing is a powerful tool to sell to previous clients or those who are the most harder to convince.

Here, almost at the end of the homepage, before the visitor leaves the site, it is important to keep something from them, in this case, the email.

A form to do this is invited to them to join the newsletter. Because if today They didn't buy anything maybe in the future will do it.

Trying to offer free content in return, for example, guides or advice in a PDF file.

Besides, if your website is an e-commerce, you can use this technique or discount coupons in exchange for the email.

Copywriting is before the design, always. The design of your website will follow and be adapted to the text, never the other way around.


Show your best content.

What more can we show on our homepage?

Now it's time to display your best blog contents. Suppose your site has a blog page. It is in this final part where you show your best articles or the most recent ones.

The important here is trying to keep the visitor on your website to gain their confidence once for all.



The last part of the page doesn't mean it's not important. In this part, we place all the links that you can't access from the main menu.

Un buen footer debería contener toda la siguiente información:

  • Links to the main page.
  • Cookies politics.
  • Corporative information about your brand (terms and conditions, disclaimer).
  • Contact information.
  • Social Media.

The order of these elements depends on the design.


Final tips

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These bits of advice are in general terms. The way to organize the content of a homepage depends on the business and the objective public you want to reach. These steps work in the majority of cases to build a solid homepage.

The charge time of the website is another essential factor to consider. Don't use loads of images, animations, or sliders, just the necessary.

Copywriting is before the design, always. The design of your website will follow and be adapted to the text, never the other way around. How You communicate your ideas is the tool that allows you to sell. The graphic elements are to reinforce this and make an attractive and not boring website.

Don't use contact forms on your homepage, only if your site is a one-page site. No one fills a form without knowing you. Instead, use a CTA like "contact us" to lead the visitor's intentions to communicate with you.

Don't oversaturate your website with images of the logo. It could not be enjoyable, and you don't use the space of the page optimally.

Always check the statistics. These are those that have the last word. If your statistics show you something, don't doubt to adapt the content following this. Maybe in your case works differently, and you need others strategies. So, if like of deity we are talking, the statistics above all.

Last but not least, to achieve a homepage and website tune-up, you need to look for experts in Web Design, SEO, and Copywriting to create the best plan to enhance your website's traffic and build content to catch the visitor's attention.

If you want to apply all of these to your website, contact us.

Writed by: Rey Molina

I am technical at informatic with more than 7 years of experience in the field. I work as a computer science and graphic design teacher for more than 2 years, and since my childhood, I was a passionate person around the tech world and design. For that reason, I founded Inursites with my partner.

Fecha de publicación: 25 May, 2021

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