Artículos de: Oliver Moreno

Fundador. Vehículo Adaptativo Todoterreno de Combate. Explorando esta jungla infinita fluyo como un torrente de agua a la velocidad que requiera el momento, en mi camino voy disfrutando del paisaje asi como del arte, el diseño y el codigo. Con la entrega de resultados como via fundamos INURSITES.
Comunidad Freelancer

Freelancer Community

We know You are a freelancer and looking to expanse your business. We are here for You.

Independently at which point You are right now as long as there is the spirit to work together, You are welcome here together with our team. We can be one decentralized unit working together while keeping independence and bringing synergies.

Conectar el Medio Rural

Connect the rural regions.

Today We will talk about how to connect the rural regions with the persons and local opportunities. I will speak from my point of view and with a general perspective. We start with the pros and cons or return to the rural regions.

Colaboraciones profesionales con freelancers

Freelancers collaborations

In Inursites, We are freelancers the same as You. We want to collaborate with other professionals to build our freelancers team, share work, delegate, combine services, or give services that You don't offer. The resume: It is about has a total ecosystem of connections and professional collaborations.

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